Aslıhan Ergün - Fatih Ergün

Walled Up Doorway

‘A door takes you in when it opens, leaves you out when it’s closed. A door that takes you in has approved of your being on the doorsill or inside, thereby welcomes and accepts you. If there is no possibility that the door you’re standing before will open, then it means that you’re not accepted, that you’re rejected. The door turns into a wall for you.'

With the “Walled Up Doorway” piece, visitors watching an accepting door projected on a wall may go through a variety of experiences. They may feel the privilege of entering with those who enter through the door, consider the door as a door and feel its acceptance; or they may observe the wall the door is projected upon and experience how what is a door to others is a wall for themselves. Perhaps, it is possible to be inside and outside simultaneously. “Walled Up Doorway” expresses the hope of inspiring both experiences; the hope to remind the ones inside those who were left outside, not only in the February 28 Process but all those who were left out, reminding those outside that what they stand before has the potential to be a door as well, not just a wall…