Melek Zeynep Bulut

René Pavillion / Scar

René Pavillion is a giant, enterable scab made up of four encounters, designed by artist and architect Melek Zeynep Bulut. First comes the encounter with a ‘scar.’

‘Yara’ is derived from a ‘crack, place in which light seeps into.’

The second encounter is the attempt to amplify the micro-dimensional wound nearly 200 times in order to expose it to a real, physical encounter. The texture, trace amplified with this encounter is produced with objects collected from around the town, wounded by compressing, forging, twisting and burning; vulnerable to rusting and turning green. From this emerges a conspicuous, monolithic object of memory.

The third encounter is with a ‘house.’ The space allocated for the exhibition is in fact a ‘house. Etymologically, ‘ev’ is derived from heart, turning, openness, wound, crack, place in which light seeps into; respectively… Heart and wound, house and woman, light and light seeping, cold and turning green are right across from each other.

The fourth encounter is the moment of childbirth. Enlarged to macro-dimensions, the wound carries a moment of childbirth at its heart and is raised aboveground in that state. This is the last phase that completes the cycle, turning the wound metaphor into a positive discourse.

All of these elements are blended into a roof, a cover that encompasses all those hovering, wounded beings and halts right in front of the ‘house.’ The interactive piece will transform itself throughout the exhibition based on the physical reactions the visitors will give at the moment of their encounter with the ‘wound.’ All physical reactions are permitted.