Aslıhan Ergün - Fatih Ergün

Invisibility Box

Aslıhan and Fatih define the “Invisibility Box” as both space itself and an object swallowed by that space. The “Invisibility Box” hence performs two functions:

The first one serves to ignore the outsider, swallows the ones who do not resemble itself; rendering them invisible and assimilating them in space. That which was “different” to the onlooker is no longer and has become one and the same with space. The spectator sees themselves on the surface of the “Invisibility Box” but does not see the outsider, the one who is different. They therefore enjoy the luxury of engaging only with people that resemble them.

Meanwhile, “Invisibility Box” preserves within the one that is “different”, thereby safeguarding it.

Rendering those who step into it invisible, “Invisibility Box” gives them an opportunity to exist as who they are, albeit at the cost of invisibility. In an effort to cope with the identity confusion that emerged during the February 28 Process, Aslıhan Ergün wished that she were invisible. Along with Fatih Ergün, she belatedly gives a spatial expression to this sentiment. She invites visitors to enter the box and experience being ignored while struggling to exist in public space.