Hilal Büşra Cebeci

Dream Catcher Is Feeling Blue

The artist takes Blues music, expression of agony, mourning and fundamentally of sorrow; and combines this inspiration with ‘feeling blue’, thereby creating an essential metaphor for her artwork. Another motivation for the color choice is the ‘code blue’ concept, a significant emergency sign in hospitals; which in general refers to cardiac or respiratory emergency. Alluding to how sorrow threatens the life of the heart and hinders healthy breathing, blue becomes an essential expression of the piece.

Another image and point of departure for the piece is a “dreamcatcher” which Native Americans, always known for their wisdom, believe hunts dreams. This embroidery on hoop is hand-made to ward off nightmares, alluding to a neutralization of opposites where it’s both a good dream catcher and nightmare catcher.

The statue is in fragments, denoting mental fragmentation, while the skull’s horizontal cut refers to a separation of dream and verbal expression.

The barcode and fingerprint that drips from sealing wax on the pedestal depicts how unique identities are confined in figures and codes.