Güzin Furat Tever

Dead Pixel

The artist mainly aims to convey the sentiment that women cannot discard the photographs that bear testimony to their experiences, while refusing to be present in those shots because the moment of capture does not show the person they really were. Tever expresses the sentiment as follows:

‘Assuming that every moment we have spent since birth is a pixelated photograph of our lives, the piece shows a two-fold emptiness: People who were made to compromise themselves in order to study have either completely banished those moments from their memories or have rubbed themselves out from those moments as a statement… This is an anomaly recognized only by those who are troubled by this situation and know that it’s unjust, an anomaly that doesn’t impede a complete view of the photograph from a distance but that which asserts itself nevertheless. It’s a glitch that some people think is not worth the fuss, is negligible even, but in retrospect it’s a massive black hole, a dead pixel that will remain intact for those who have experienced it.’