Hilal Büşra Cebeci

Come Look From This Side

The piece is named after a personal anecdote by the artist:The workman affixed a sconce on a wall painted in damson plum color, chosen meticulously after numerous trials, severely damaged the wall and faced surprise and protest as a result. He indifferently and cheekily responded: Come look from this side.

In the mind of the artist, the sentence above is equivalent to the irresponsible attitude in the face of damage inflicted upon humans, each of whom is an exquisite product of a separate blend.

Splatter painting applied on the wall symbolizes the impact of an irresponsible behavior on somebody else, while the phrase on the main wall aims to draw the viewer’s attention not to the said process but to a sentiment that broadly defines the mind and spirit relationship.

The street signs selected one by one allude to the era the piece belongs to and are positioned in one place, essentially representing how a situation is driven into an impasse.