Büşra Kayıkçı

Artical 42

Article 42 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey “No one shall be deprived of the right of learning and education.”

Article 42, Büşra Kayıkçı’s artwork consists of two different media, image and sound. In the first part, the image shows a composer who uses her hands as a metaphor. The left hand represents women who went through the February 28 Process, while the right hand represents authority.

The right hand predominantly repeats the same notes throughout, maintaining the repetition in different octaves.

The left hand, meanwhile, oscillates between bass and treble sounds, revolves around the right hand, proceeds through low-pitched sounds and moves away from the right hand –retreats into her shell- or moves on the trail of the right hand, follows its steps, attempting at reconciliation.

With the repetitive moves of the right hand, the composer illustrates the intransigent, rigid, stubborn and unyielding authority of the time; while the moves of the left hand shows the struggle of women who experienced the February 28 Process, their efforts to navigate and orient themselves, their desire to communicate.