Muzaffer Malkoç


The design is made up of a graphic with only open and closed eyes placed on two towers of unequal height at the entrance of the exhibition. Given the nature of the printing method, the graphic elements are activated as visitors to the exhibition pass by, with closed eyes opening and open eyes closing. The graphics show a single type of eye, emphasizing the act of gazing rather than the gazer themselves. Whoever enters the exhibition is aware of how the “eye” they pass by either opens or closes, hence interacting with them. The gazer activates the eyes with every step they take, but the act turns them from being a subject as gazer to being gazed at as an object. This is an allusion to how all the artists who have contributed to this exhibition were subject to otherization at a certain period in time.

Inspired by the small, three-dimensional lenticular prints found inside candy packages, most of them showing images of cartoons which he loved so much as a kid, the artist reproduces the lenticular graphics as an adult, using them as redemption to neutralize bad memories. His expectation from passersby is to take the initiative, remain as subjects and just have fun with these eyes gazing at them.