Muzaffer Malkoç

Acute Angle

Muzaffer Malkoç joins the exhibition not only with his two frames but with the walls they are hung on as well, creating an artwork independent of the pictures by way of positioning the walls very close to each other. The two walls, with 30 cm distance in between, abolishes the normal perspective visitors expect in a gallery, the distance required to view the picture, thereby expressing the tension between the presence of the artwork and its capacity to be seen. Hence the 30 cm distance renders invisible and incomprehensible the pictures that need to be viewed, even though they are present in the exhibition room.

In the words of the artist: ‘In one sense, this is an exhaustive space with frames and lighting hung on the wall, but the installation invalidates them, protesting perhaps against the deceit that destroys all gains with a single stroke of change.’

In another perspective, the piece reminds us how the artist stubbornly insists on expressing the negativity he has suffered from in an artwork at the cost of not showing the artwork itself.